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Princeton University


Woodmere Art Museum
Fine Art Registrar
avatar for Kelly


Visual Resources Curator
avatar for Piotr Adamczyk

Piotr Adamczyk

avatar for Joseph Anderson

Joseph Anderson

Fashion Institute of Technology
Digital Initiatives Librarian
avatar for Karyn Anonia

Karyn Anonia

ITHAKA / Artstor
JSTOR Forum Implementation Manager
avatar for Florin Badita

Florin Badita

Corruption Kills
avatar for Patti McRae Baley

Patti McRae Baley

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Visual Resources Curator

Denise Bastien

Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art
Digital Imaging Specialist

Johanna Bauman

Pratt Institute Libraries
Head of Digital and Special Collections

Erin Beasley

National Portrait Gallery
Digital Image Rights and Reproduction Specialist
avatar for Morgan Bell

Morgan Bell

School of Art + Art History + Design, UW
Manager, Learning + Visual Services

Amy Belotti

Conagra Brands

Elizabeth Berenz

Partner and User Education
avatar for Alison Blaine

Alison Blaine

NCSU Libraries
Data & Visualization Librarian

Krystal Boehlert

University of California, Riverside
avatar for Barbara Brenny

Barbara Brenny

North Carolina State University
University Librarian

Ryan Brubacher

Library of Congress

Kathleen Burlingame

University of Pennsylvania
Electronic Discovery and Access Librarian

Ann Burns

University of Virginia
Metadata Librarian

Ann Burns

University of Virginia Libraries
Metadata Librarian
avatar for Jasmine Burns

Jasmine Burns

Cornell University
Visual Resources Metadata Librarian
avatar for Maureen Burns

Maureen Burns

IMAGinED Consulting
avatar for Maureen Burns

Maureen Burns

avatar for Lesley Chapman

Lesley Chapman

Colgate University
Visual Resources Curator
avatar for Colleen Cirocco

Colleen Cirocco

Rock Central
Digital Asset Manager
avatar for Lavinia Ciuffa

Lavinia Ciuffa

American Academy in Rome
Photographic Archive Curator
avatar for Melanie Clark

Melanie Clark

Texas Tech University
Architecture Image Librarian

Caroline Clavell

Kimbell Art Museum
Head Librarian
avatar for Sonya Coleman

Sonya Coleman

The Library of Virginia
Digital Engagement + Social Media Coordinator
avatar for Maria Collins

Maria Collins

NC State University Libraries
Department Head, Acquisitions and Discovery
avatar for Leslie Cone

Leslie Cone

Mint Museum of Art
Asst. Reg, Rights & Reproductions
avatar for Emily Crockett

Emily Crockett

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Masters Student
avatar for Teresa Cunningham-Transou

Teresa Cunningham-Transou

University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Visual Resources Curator
avatar for Julia Z. Deal

Julia Z. Deal

Davidson College
Curator, Visual Resource Collection
avatar for Hayley Degaust

Hayley Degaust

Ever Active Schools
Provincial Project Coordinator
avatar for Robb Detlefs

Robb Detlefs

Gallery Systems
Director of Customer Care
avatar for Katherine Elston

Katherine Elston

Artstor / ITHAKA
User Support Lead
avatar for Lisa Castro Endresen

Lisa Castro Endresen

Trinity University
Curator of Visual Resources and University Collections
avatar for Lael J. Ensor-Bennett

Lael J. Ensor-Bennett

John Hopkins University
Visual Resources Collection Curator
avatar for Jacob Esselstrom

Jacob Esselstrom

Visual Resources Association
Vice President for Conference Program
avatar for Marcia Focht

Marcia Focht

Binghamton University
Curator of Visual Resources
avatar for Katherina Fostano

Katherina Fostano

Fordham University
Visual and Digital Resources Curator

Sheryl Frisch

California Polytechnic State University
Visual Resource Specialist

Eleanor Gatewood

Kendall College of Art and Design
Visual Resource Collection technician
avatar for Sarah Gillis

Sarah Gillis

Worcester Art Museum
Associate Registrar, Collection Documentation

Sarah L. Gillis

Worcester Art Museum
Assistant Registrar, Image Management
avatar for Patricia Guardiola

Patricia Guardiola

University of Pennsylvania
Director, Fisher Fine Arts Library
avatar for Macie Hall

Macie Hall

Johns Hopkins University
Senior Instructional Designer
avatar for Peter Hanley

Peter Hanley

Temple University

Shaina Harkness

The Dali Museum
Collection Database Manager + Librarian
avatar for Nancy Harm

Nancy Harm

Luna Imaging, Inc.
Business Development
avatar for Pamela Hawkes

Pamela Hawkes

The College of William and Mary
Director of Visual Resources, Art & Art History
avatar for Jesse Henderson

Jesse Henderson

University of Wisconsin-Madison, UW Digital Collections Center
Digital Services Librarian
avatar for Christine Hilker

Christine Hilker

University of Arkansas, Fay Jones School of Architecture
Director, Smart Multi-Media Center

Jodi Hoover

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Tascha Horowitz

Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields
Director of Interpretation, Media, and Publishing
avatar for Simon Ingall

Simon Ingall

Cornell University
Visual Resources Collections Coordinator

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